Announcing a New Alignment with International Assets Advisory, LLC (IAA)

AIMCOR Enterprise Insurance Group (AIMCOR EIG) is pleased to announce that International Asset Advisory, LLC (IAA) has approved AIMCOR EIG as their newest life, Long-Term Care, disability and annuity provider. IAA is an independent broker/dealer that services thousands of clients throughout the country, and around the world. IAA advisors construct an investment strategy custom tailored to the unique needs of each clients by providing independent analysis and working with clients who seek to enhance their returns and lower their portfolio risk through global diversification and proper asset allocation strategies. As specialists in world financial markets, IAA enables investors to capitalize on a wide array of investment opportunities around the globe, including domestic and foreign stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, insurance, annuities, and sophisticated retirement and estate planning services. IAA believes that insurance and protection planning is an important part of the holistic financial plan and AIMCOR EIG looks forward to assisting their advisors incorporate these aspects into the planning process with their clients.

As a B2B insurance platform, AIMCOR EIG provides a national account, single-point relationship with their aligned institutions. This, coupled with 24 regional field offices gives EIG an in-person presence across the country providing local point-of-sale support nationwide. Their approach to the space and their commitment to delivering a different, more streamlined process with a vast local support presence continues to resonate well across the industry. With EIG, aligned institutions are experiencing an advisor adoption rate that is nearly two times higher the industry average.

AIMCOR Enterprise Insurance Group Managing Director; Marc Verbos commented, “Every well-rounded portfolio has two components: Investments and Protection. Without both of these we have a process failure, and as trusted advisors, failure for your clients should not be an option. IAA understands the importance of both components and recognizes the value behind ensuring that their advisors have the most comprehensive solutions available for both investments and protection. We are excited about the opportunity to work with IAA and their advisors. IAA is a broker/dealer that focuses on providing unique and differentiating services to their clients.” IAA National Sales Director; Ann Moore commented, “AIMCOR EIG has the platform, field personnel, and resources we need to help us drive insurance adoption across our footprint. When you look at what AIMCOR EIG is delivering inside other institutions, it’s easy to get excited about what they’re doing and we look forward to working with EIG to create a solution platform that works for our advisors and their clients.”

About AIMCOR Enterprise Insurance Group (EIG):

AIMCOR EIG is a national B2B insurance distribution partner that acts as a single-point resource servicing their institutional partners in a creative, consistent, and compliant manner. AIMCOR EIG has a strong national presence and works to develop personal relationships, locally, with advisors. The local relationship coupled with centralized national account management and reporting allow EIG to proactively provide service across any institution’s footprint supporting the needs of national, regional and local B2B relationships.

About International Asset Advisory, LLC (IAA):

International Assets Advisory, LLC, ("IAA") is a full-service brokerage and money management firm. IAA, founded in 1982. Headquartered in Orlando, FL, IAA has advisors are located across the country. Their objective in terms of their client relationships is to provide a "holistic" methodology, one that does not look at investment portfolios or strategies in isolation. IAA advisor seek to understand how their clients live in order to provide recommendations that make sense, not merely in the more limited terms of their financial lives, but more importantly in the wider context of their family, occupation, goals and dreams.

To learn more about AIMCOR EIG contact:

Kathleen West
Director; Business Development and Account Management

To learn more about International Assets Advisory, LLC contact:

Ann Moore
National Sales Manager