Comprehensive Support

Comprehensive Support


  • An internal sales team that’s ready to assist with illustrations, case design, application fulfillment and client questions.
  • Advisor business strategy and goal planning: customized programs and campaigns that afford proactive engagement with your clients that encourage longer client relationships.
  • AIMCOR EIG is committed to providing training and education through access to the latest product information, technology innovations and solution concepts.
  • Legal and Compliance Expertise: We have the credentials, the integrity, the knowledge, and the technology to ensure adherence to the institution’s and industry’s compliance standards. By working with AIMCOR EIG, we help advisors become more compliant and better at fulfilling their fiduciary obligations to their clients.
  • Suitability and Due Diligence: Comprehensive and repeatable processes are key in ensuring that suitable solutions are provided to your clients. With AIMCOR EIG, we take suitability and due diligence seriously and take a disciplined course of action in formulating and recommending client solutions.

At AIMCOR EIG, we possess the expertise and professional capabilities that allow our partners to confidently incorporate protection solutions into their planning process without interrupting their day-to-day core business focus.

Analyzing Individual Needs

An objective analysis of the client’s need is important. We have the ability to identify planning gaps, address client concerns in retirement, estate, business, long-term care, insurance and lifestyle planning and ensuring that the advisor understands their client’s needs quicker then anyone else.

Tailored Solutions

Once we understand the individual client’s needs, we work with the advisor to design a unique, tailored solution that completely addresses the client’s needs in their entirety.

Recommended Course of Action

It’s one thing to tell you the client needs, but something completely different to be there to present the tailored solution with you for your client. At AIMCOR EIG, we become an extension of your team and your protection specialist.