Partnership Designed Specifically for Your Organization

We respect existing relationships.

While some of our aligned partners chose to replace their existing relationships with AIMCOR EIG, loyalty is important and we wouldn’t ask you to fix something that isn’t broken. Because of this, we’ve developed two business models specifically designed to integrate into your current platform. We can focus exclusively on specific sub-sets of advisors or geographic areas where additional attention and/or resources may be beneficial to increase adoption.

Learn more about our gap coverage and “engaging the unengaged” service offerings.

Relationships Teamwork


A partnership requires a shared vision with success being determined by our ability to help you accomplish your unique goals. When exploring a new relationship, we work closely with your management team, addressing each of your individual goals, and creating an engagement plan designed to attain these goals together. AIMCOR EIG was intentionally designed to be fluid. integration into your organization without disruption while delivering maximum impact is our priority.

AIMCOR EIG offers a unique business proposition unlike any you’ve seen from our peers by having the capability to function in different business models.

For more information about how AIMCOR EIG can align with your organization, complete the information request form.