What Our Clients Are Saying

Clients Testimonials

“AIMCOR EIG takes a collaborative approach and really cares about our goals.”
–Sr. Manager at aligned wire-house

“We never imagined having an insurance partner that could actually make an impact to our bottom-line. Everyone says they can, but EIG is actually delivering on their promise.”
–Director of Insurance at aligned broker/dealer

“AIMCOR EIG has the platform, field personnel, and resources we need to help us drive insurance adoption across our footprint. When you look at what AIMCOR EIG is delivering inside other institutions, it’s easy to get excited about what they’re doing and we look forward to working with EIG to create a solution platform that works for our advisors and their clients.”
–National Sales Director at aligned institution

“Until AIMCOR EIG, I referred my clients to an outside relationship when they brought up buying life insurance. Today, not only do I handle my client’s insurance requests, I have incorporated insurance into the conversation with each of my client meetings. From reactive / refer out to proactive, that’s what EIG has done for my business.”
–P&C Advisor from aligned organization